Presented in this blog are some of MAESTRO ILAIYARAAJA's musical gems.
You have to find out the Movie, Album or the Song in which it appears.

Sunday, February 22, 2009



Rules and Guideines:

This is to make quizzers' worthwhile efforts more appreciated.

1. Kindly make only 1 post at a time. this way your post will stay for long and more people
will hear it.

2. Please give ample clues if the post is difficult, so that fans' interest wud be kindled.

3. Reveal the answers if the quiz is too difficult or remains unanswered even after giving
ample clues.

4. Check out the thread in the community and confirm there are only minimum pending quizzes,
before posting.

5. Update the 'answers' often by using the 'comments' facility in the blog.

I hope this will make the quizzers task easy and their efforts would be appreciated more.

I sincerely welcome suggestions from the quizzers and fans. you can post them in the