Presented in this blog are some of MAESTRO ILAIYARAAJA's musical gems.
You have to find out the Movie, Album or the Song in which it appears.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Listen to the audio clip below .

This Interlude starts with the Flute melody followed by the Strings .It is like , as though the Flute is questioning and the Strings answering , with a Harp/Bell glissando at the end of each phrase . The Violins take over from here in a higher octave and later the melody is played alternatively by the Santoor and Flute duo .

It was Ilaiyaraaja who used (introduced) this technique of layering Acoustic instruments with Synthesizers . Listen to the Flute bit & you will get to know that the Flute is layered with a Synth tone either in a different octave or played in counter parts of the melody .
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