Presented in this blog are some of MAESTRO ILAIYARAAJA's musical gems.
You have to find out the Movie, Album or the Song in which it appears.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

MQ 1582

Ilaiyaraaja Crossword - 1

3. there are 2 movies in this name, one telugu and one tamil [9]
5. refer 6 down
7. operatic song in the movie kavithai malar [8,3]
8. a beautiful song in raga patdeep starts like this [5]
10. hi, aha damn novel movie of kamal raja combination[9]

1. 'i am god since i create new music'- thus wrote kannadasan in this movie[9]
2. unnikrishnan sang this song for vijay[4]
4. the raga in which raja composed 'padariyen'[9]
6. first movie of a director as hero [3,5]
9. a soulful spb song starts with this word. the movie is supposed to be raja's second and spb's first with raja[4]